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5th November 2010

krootasaurusrex/Friday ♥ November 5th 2010 ♥ 23:19/: Newest members to the limited edition flavors...

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31st December 2008

krootasaurusrex/Wednesday ♥ December 31st 2008 ♥ 00:36/: Was checking out the Jones website, noticed two new flavors coming out soon. Thought I'd pass it along.

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22nd September 2008

krootasaurusrex/Monday ♥ September 22nd 2008 ♥ 00:40/: Halloween flavors are available at Target's. Thought I should get the word out, if anyone is interested in getting them.

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6th June 2008

lanalou1489/Friday ♥ June 6th 2008 ♥ 13:14/: jones art

after meeting prince charming because of jones, we thought it was only appropriate that the bottle was used as a vase

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lanalou1489/Friday ♥ June 6th 2008 ♥ 13:08/: love it!

we drank it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
we even used it as an excuse to meet people <3

its love<3

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23rd April 2008

lissa12321/Wednesday ♥ April 23rd 2008 ♥ 22:03/: off-topic?
i got accepted at Washington State University!
I am so excited...Im still working on figuring out some of the financial things...
but hopefully i will get some of the schlorships i applied for so it should be okay.
So this may be off topic...but I would love you all if you voted for me!!!

Current Mood: cheerful

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16th April 2008

gu88766/Wednesday ♥ April 16th 2008 ♥ 19:17/: this just in:
its a good thing i did my homework today
setting up interviews for upcoming documentary
and writing up the script and such

my jones soday just told me
today is a good day
to get things done
that require expertise
Current Mood: amused

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28th December 2007

krootasaurusrex/Friday ♥ December 28th 2007 ♥ 19:54/: Does anyone know what happened to the holiday packs? I thought they'd be at Target, but none one here is carrying it. Any info?

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20th December 2007

kinky_carter/Thursday ♥ December 20th 2007 ♥ 08:54/: Thought I'd share this with everyone.


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11th November 2007

maladroital/Sunday ♥ November 11th 2007 ♥ 10:31/: Foamin' at the mouth good.
This is a small image, no complaining. >:<

five out of six!

Also, here's a macro shot of a jones soda cap I converted into a wallpaper for my screen for anyone who wants: http://pics.livejournal.com/chottomaladroit/pic/0008wge4

Right now it's 1440x900.
Current Mood: awake

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